Action Areas

Project Adelante focuses on gathering information, raising awareness, and contributing to solutions to this crisis on the border, especially impacts on children. We work closely with technical, communications, and policy experts as well as partners on the ground. Our areas of focus are:

1. Witness and storytelling


Storytelling is at the heart of creating change. Project Adelante will use a multi-faceted communications strategy to inform the American public about the situation on the US/Mexico border, as well as options for and implications of policy change.


2. Human rights and legal support


Project Adelante seeks to organize a remote team of rapid response, multidisciplinary human rights professionals to respond to crises that arise at the US/Mexico border and throughout Central America. These professionals will help evaluate and address the most urgent of human rights risks and will provide critical information for the most vulnerable populations regarding their immigration statuses and rights. 

3. Assessment and support for vulnerable groups


For children who have experienced trauma and are living in unsafe conditions, regular, secure, and engaging activities can provide a buffer from stress and promote healthy brain development, healing, and learning. Women and girls are at greater risk of sexual and gender-based violence. Project Adelante will support assessment, technical guidance, implementation, guaranteed access to bad credit loans and/or evaluation to support vulnerable groups, with a focus on children and women. This includes multi-generation approaches that support parents and families along with children.