Claire Noone

Claire Noone is an attorney and human rights advocate from Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Claire runs a non-profit with women who survived the Srebrenica Genocide in Bosnia that supports and runs two women's shelters. The lack of justice in post-war Bosnia is what led Claire to law school and ultimately to work on the prosecution team for the Ratko Mladic case at the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia in the Hague. After a successful genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity judgment, she returned stateside to work with the Native American Rights Fund on the case on behalf of the Ute, Hopi, Navajo and Zuni Tribes against Donald Trump and Ryan Zinke for their unlawful attempt to revoke and replace Bears Ears National Monument. The case is still continuing. Claire has recently returned to Glenwood Springs to join in practice with her father, Bob Noone, who practices water and land law in Western Colorado. She has been balancing the water law with human rights work and hopes to expand the practice formally to human rights. For the last two years, Claire has traveled to the border dozens of times to provide pro bono legal aid to asylum seeking families in detention and more recently in camps along the border. She speaks Spanish and Serbo-Croatian and is constantly learning new ways to help empower others and ensure the protection of vulnerable populations. Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. Together we can do better for asylum seekers.